Somnium Space Creator Contest – Only 1 Week To Go!

Last week, in a bid to urge creators to test drive some of the new features now available in the builder tool, such as 360 degree portals, visual scripting and live audio / video streams, Somnium Space announced the latest creator competition, with a total prize pool of 9000 CUBES + 3.5 ETH.

Prizes are broken down into:

1st Place: 5000 CUBES + 2 ETH

2ndPlace: 3000 CUBES + 1 ETH

3rd Place: 1000 CUBES + 0.5 ETH

TIP: To find out how much this converts into other currencies, e.g. $ USD, click the Crypto Calculator in the header of this website.

Example build by Incubator of Crypto Art. Built using the Somnium Space drag and drop editor.


To increase your chances of winning, the Somnium Space team advises that you build large, beautiful and functional buildings, which ideally give visitors a great audio and visual experience.

There are a few caveats to be aware of in order for your build entry to qualify, so for more indepth information on the rules surrounding competition entries we recommend you read the official post here.

If you haven’t tried building in Somnium Space already, you can find out how to get started by clicking here.

Have fun and good luck!

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