Somnium Space Virtual Land Auction (Part Deux) – Starts Sunday 1st November

It is almost 1 year to the day since Somnium Space held it’s first virtual land auction. Back then, it was a free for all, with every plot of land being listed for sale all at the same time, along with a few added extras such as teleporters, kayaks and tents. It was a relative success with around a third of all land being sold. This next auction is to sell the remaining land which wasn’t sold last time.

Since the last major auction, Somnium Space is now much better developed, to the point where the fabulous graphics have started to catch peoples attention in other VR communities, which tells you they are doing something right. It has also continued to build and grow its dedicated and passionate community, which is a positive sign for the future success of any platform.

The NFT and NFT marketplaces have also advanced spectacularly over the last year, so this time round the sale format will differ somewhat.

It will run like this:

  • Each week, starting on Sunday 1st November at 15:00 CET (and running for 7 successive weeks) a varied selection of land will be available to bid on. Small, Medium and XL parcels will all be available.
  • All land will be sold on the Opensea marketplace HERE
  • Over the course of the event, 2 auction style formats will be used, a classic auction and a dutch auction.
  • 3 different currencies will be used: Ethereum Somnium CUBES and DAI.

The starting prices and land locations for week 1 can be found below:



In addition to bidding on ordinary land, Somnium has used this occasion to launch a new product named Somnium Space World, which is essentially a portal which developers can put on their land to create extra storage space for more space and heavier complex scenes.

Also, as an incentive to larger investors, there is a vast array of fancy swag on offer.


If this auction is even half as much fun and exciting as the previous one, then we’re in for a treat. If you are thinking about investing in land, it is highly recommended that you first study the market on Opensea, as well as take some time to view the Somnium Space map to get a better idea of where the best opportunities lay. You can also learn more about Somnium Space by reading our education section here.

We wish the best of luck to the Somnium Space team who have been working tirelessly to introduce cool new features and look after their community throughout the last year or so. Development is really ramping up and the surprises keep on coming. There has never been a better time to play your part in the construction of the metaverse.

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