What Does it Take to Create an NFT Art Gallery? A Successful Owner Gives Us the Details.

Today we have a very special guest who has been at the forefront of the creative community in Somnium Space, and one of the leading personas in supporting CryptoArtists. If you haven’t guessed who that is yet, we are talking about Artific, the owner of the popular NFT art gallery “Art & Coffee.”

For our religious followers, you will remember that NFT Plazas reported about the humble beginnings of his metaverse gallery way back in the day (ok, a few months ago but that is a few decades in NFT time) when it was just starting out. Since then, his project has grown immensely, and Artific has constantly been innovating the space with new ideas to further develop and support artists and collectors.

In this interview we talk about everything from how he opened his gallery and his struggles in finding his role and purpose in the NFT art scene, to what he aims to achieve with the gallery space and what it represents.

Thank you to Artific for these heart-warming insights into how he sees the future of art, and the potential for everyone to thrive. We are only at the start of a whole new unfolding of where art, and every other sphere of life and the world, are going.

What made you want to open your own gallery?

I entered the NFT art space as most do – with no idea what to do. I tried both roles, as an artist and a collector. It was a real struggle to find out how this space works and I am still learning. My main discovery so far was that I can bring most value to the space not by making art or collecting it but by providing support and infrastructure to artists, collectors and all other people in the space. The final piece to the puzzle was when I learned about the metaverses.

It was like discovering a new dimension of our reality. A completely new space that we can explore, develop and interact with other people around the world. My first creation was an art gallery to give artists space to show their art in a space with no limits as we know them in physical world.

What has been your biggest challenge in building an NFT gallery?

I don’t see an NFT gallery as a physical space. I see it as a community of people interested in art and people that make art. It’s a space to share ideas through a vessel of artworks featured in a metaverse object. As such, the biggest challenge of all was to build the community. One of the keys I discovered are social media. That was a huge challenge for me because I haven’t used any social media before much. I had a LinkedIn profile and 20 friends on my Facebook that I opened once in a couple of weeks. I am learning everyday to get better at connecting with others and in communication with them. It’s extra hard because I am an introvert but it is the most rewarding journey I have ever took.

What do you aim to achieve with the gallery space?

The art gallery is just the first impression you have when you enter one of my spaces. I am building a social platform for an art community on top of the metaverse infrastructure. I call this project Art & Coffee. It is a dual symbiotic concept.

Art represents space for art, artists and collectors. I host multiple events for artists and collectors and provide them with space to present themselves, share ideas and build communities. I am looking to provide space to other content creators and event organizers in the art and NFT space. A couple of collaborations like this are already online.

​The cafe represents space for everyone. Every person is welcome to come in and do whatever they can do in a cafe. Here people meet with friends, hold business meetings and rest in beautiful virtual reality environment full of art and potential.

So that is the vision. It’s a place of beauty for everyone to enjoy and connect with others.

Who is the most recent artist to join your gallery and why did you choose them?

The latest artist I featured during one of my Tuesday exhibitions is Tom Contino. The basis of all of his paintings in exhibited prismatic textiles collection comes from integrating various geometric structures with a Fibonacci spiral. All 7 of this artworks are acrylic paintings on canvas that were digitized. He spends months to finish each of his paintings. It’s almost like a meditation for him. There are so many symbols and hidden meanings that the painting acts as a mirror for the person looking at it. The longer you look, the more of your own subconscious mind you will discover.

I chose Tom Contino because his Fine Art pieces captivates your attention and doesn’t allow you to simply let go.

How do you decide what to collect and any advice for collectors?

I don’t consider myself as a collector but I own a couple of artworks. I don’t invest in art. I invest in people. For most NFTs I own, I have a story and a deep personal connection with the artist. For some NFTs I asked the artist to write the story to the description of the NFT or to the picture itself. Most famous artworks of all times all carry a story with themselves. Now every artwork can carry a story. For me the story gives value to the NFT. Let’s see if the future proves me right. If not, I will still be a happy owner of my own memories of other people minted on the blockchain.

In the future, how do you see the role of CryptoArt?

People wonder how is it possible that an NFT was sold for more than any artwork in history. The answer is quite simple, I think. Art was always reserved for the richest people on the planet to prove their status and show it to the world. For the first time in history, art is available for everyone. Let’s say you wanted to buy Rembrandt and you don’t know anything about art and the art world. How do you do it? I don’t know. I would need to make research and get a guy that knows a guy that knows the right people. The traditional art world is closed to both new artists and new collectors. It’s not easy to get in. If you want to buy a CryptoPunk or Beeple you check out one of the NFT marketplaces on your phone and place a bid. It can’t be simpler than that. Yes, you do need to get a wallet and stuff like that but kids are able to do that today. So it’s not an obstacle.

The point I am trying to make is that in the future, we all are going to be artists and collectors at the same time. The market will be bigger than anyone can imagine right now. The way we value art will change dramatically. It’s going to be a new renaissance and people that had no idea they can be creative will share wonders with the world. Art will transform. We are not going to collect art. We are going to collect tokenized experiences – The Art. That’s why I bought domain the theart.crypto for future use.

Who are your favorite and/or most influential artists?

My favorite artists are all those heroes that grind their craft everyday with no or very little feedback. All of those that entered the space and have no idea what to do but try to do something because this is their passion. My favorite artists are those that entered months ago, sold nothing and are still around doing what they love – to create. The future is not about big names on the TV screen. The future is about everyone of us that decided to do what they love and never let go.

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