New ‘ANIMAL’ Gallery in Somnium by SoKoRoN

Many amazing art galleries are popping up in the metaverses lately, and Somnium seems to be one of the hotspots. This week photographer SoKoroN announced he will be launching a gallery called ‘ANIMALS’ in Somnium. The gallery pays homage to the world of animals, and celebrates SoKoRoN’s connection with animals in the real world. 

The gallery will feature SoKoRon’s NFT photographs of animals he has connected with. He started dabbling in photography when he was only 13 years old, and is now 20 years old. He says: “I Love animals! I like to communicate with them. That’s how I make these kind of portraits. I actually talk to the animals and just give it time…”

ANIMALS gallery will officially open its doors on April 24 at 8:00PM CET at parcel 4756. Click here to visit.

The gallery is not your conventional build either, but made with tilted floors, plants hanging upside down, and floors that are suspended by poles. The exhibition will also feature guest artist Anton, a visual artist from Berlin. Check out his work on OpenSea.  

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