Playing the Epic CCG Game ‘SkyWeaver’

Have you ever played the incredibly addictive collectible card game (CCG) SkyWeaver? If you haven’t, this is one game that is sure to captivate you for hours on end, and the visuals and artwork of the game are also incredibly beautiful. The game has many elements at play which make it addictively fun and entertaining, and also easy enough for beginners to join. 

SkyWeaver is both free to play and also a play-to-earn game. Players can earn (and trade) newly minted cards by winning battles and ascending the SkyWeaver ranks. Like other one-on-one games, players have a deck of soldiers and spells to summon creatures, cast spells and battle other SkyWeavers to win new cards. However, in SkyWeaver, players play with one Hero on the battlefield, and the goal is to keep your Hero alive for longer than your opponent’s Hero in the turn-based format. The more wins you have against other SkyWeavers, the stronger, wiser, and more versatile you become.

There are two formats players can choose to play from, ‘discovery’ and ‘constructed.’ Currently there are 500 cards with 100 in each category, and 20 per deck. In the discovery format, random cards are provided to the player, but they cannot be kept. Cards are earned by playing and winning. Once a player has collected enough of these cards, they move to the constructed format where they can choose which ones to use to build a deck. 

Learn about how to play SkyWeaver over here, and join the private beta waitlist over here.

Image credit: via SkyWeaver

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