Say to Hello Instant Matic Deposits with Connext

Ethereum gas fees have exploded to an all-time high lately, stalling the progress of many NFT projects. This has made it hard for users to transfer assets between L1 and L2, and slowed down deposits as well as withdrawals from Ethereum to Matic. The high fees and extensive delays in transaction times also make it very difficult for new users to onboard to Decentral Games or any application building on Matic.

To resolve these problems, Decentral Games is one of the first to partner with Connext. This means instant delivery of deposits from Ethereum to Matic and instant withdrawals from Matic to Ethereum. 

Previously, deposits from Ethereum to Matic took about 5-7 minutes to be confirmed, and withdrawals from Matic to Ethereum took up to two hours (including two transaction confirmations on both Matic and Ethereum). With Connext, these transactions will now take only 10-15 seconds, a major improvement. 

Don’t miss out on Decentral Games’ $DG giveaway in celebration of their partnership with Connext and instant swaps between L1 to L2. If you’re one of the first 10 players to deposit at least 50 USD of $MANA or DAI using this option, and play games with it, you stand a chance of winning .25 $DG. 

Click here to find out more about how to do an instant deposit using the new system.

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