Saturday Night Live Parody Video Explains What NFTs Are

If you’re still living in a cave and haven’t heard about NFTs, or still don’t understand what they are, Saturday Night Live (SNL) made a fantastic, educational video to tell you all about what the heck NFTs are. The skit, played on prime time TV in the States last weekend, satirizes the NFT craze and the fact that pretty much anything is getting tokenized as of late. 

The video is a parody featuring US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen (portrayed by Kate McKinnon), Eminem inspired-rap by Batman’s sidekick Robin (portrayed by Pete Davidson), and Morpheus from The Matrix portrayed by Chris Redd. 

The lyrics in the three-minute skit go something like this: “Non-fungible means that it’s unique. There can only be one like you and me. NFTs are insane, built on a blockchain. A digital ledger of transactions, it records information on what’s happening. Once it’s minted, you can sell it as art.

Listen to the full rap song below, it’s quite catchy indeed. 

The skit has now popularized NFTs to every SNL viewer out there, and is another example of NFTs increasingly appearing on mainstream media. Get ready for the next wave of inquisitive creatives about the catch the NFT wave.

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