The Sandbox Partners with Polygon to Save the Planet

Any normal conversation about the blockchain these days inevitably rolls around to the topic of the environment. Slowly, but surely, these issues are being addressed. Now, metaverse giant, The Sandbox, is partnering with Polygon to set things right.

The Sandbox is the latest heavyweight looking to get its environmental credentials in order. With this goal in mind, they are switching operations over to the Polygon network. With Polygon’s pioneering layer 2 scaling solution, they estimate a reduction in energy usage by a mind boggling 99%.

But why stop there, the conscious folks at Sandbox thought to themselves. Additionally, partnering with carbon offsetting companies “Offsetra” and “Nori,” they intend to take their carbon usage into the negative figures.

The Sandbox has calculated its annual carbon footprint at 350 tonnes, and purchased the equivalent of carbon credits from Nori. Furthermore, they have purchased an additional 200 tons of nature-based CO2 offsets from Offsetra. To top it all off, The Sandbox has also renewed its partnership with “WeForest” to assist with replantation efforts in Ethiopia, Zambia and Brazil.

The largest proof of work blockchains consume a continuous draw of enough electricity to power 2 to 3 million homes. Polygon have been making waves with their environmental credentials of late and, by contrast, their validators use enough energy to power just 30 homes.

To the average NFT enthusiast, this doesn’t just mean a cleaner world to live in, but also faster transactions and significantly lower gas fees.

Check out The Sandbox’s Nori certification >> Here

See Offsetra credentials >> Here

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