Rising Stars of CryptoArt: DALEK – The Creator of SpaceMonkeys

Hello all, I’m Ello Eff, the newest addition to the NFT Plaza’s team. I’ve been tasked with an important mission; to bring you a fresh, new, upcoming NFT artist every single week! The first edition of rising stars is a big one, to say the least, because I’m joined by none other than the incredible DALEK.

James Marshall, better known as DALEK, is an American artist known for his murals and illustrations. He’s well known in the art scene already, thanks to his over-the-top character, the Space Monkey.

The Space Monkey that became synonymous with his name, which grew and evolved from Marshall’s love for “Japanese pop culture, the vibe of the punk scene, street art, and cartoons.” According to Marshall, the Space Monkey isn’t a monkey at all, but his “concept of the human experience in a growing sea of technology and convenience.”  Space Monkey became DALEK’S alter ego of sorts, and a medium to express his emotions, ideas, and concerns.

After his Space Monkey character first began gaining traction, the renowned Shepard Fairey encouraged him to continue developing the character. Since then, the Space Monkey character has seen a number of new iterations and even has a rich history of vinyl figures, dating all the way back to releases with Kid Robot in the early 2000s. The latest Space Monkey Vinyl releases have been in collaboration with UVD toys based in Ohio and there is an upcoming vinyl release with Bigshot Toyworks as well.

Image Source: Hic Et Nunc

To say that DALEK is a rising star in the art world is misleading. He IS a star in the art world. Still, DALEK is relatively new to NFTs, but gaining traction very fast on the Hic Et Nunc platform.

According to DALEK:

“For years I’ve drawn by hand and then taken those files into Illustrator to color them for screenprints. one thing I always hated was that I was limited on the number of colors I could use. Sometimes I would build files out the way I wanted just because I wanted to see how they would look fully colored as envisioned. The rise of NFTs and digital art gave me a window to start displaying and selling some of this work I’d been sitting on for years. Now that I know I can showcase these works, it has inspired me to draw more and spend more time evolving my digital works. The other area that got me excited about NFTs was animation. For years I had wanted to animate the space monkeys but it was cost-prohibitive, and I didn’t know what I would do with it once made. NFTs have created a great opportunity for me to start exploring this medium. I am excited to be releasing my first animated NFTs this weekend on hicetnunc2000.

I was unsure about how or where to get into the NFT game as there was so much coming so quickly with platforms and approaches. I took my time and studied, watched a bit…and then when Hic Et Nunc gave me a frictionless window to start putting work up, I was shocked at how strong that community is and how much I enjoyed, not only putting up art and selling but also collecting works from other artists I had never had a chance to know about before. I’ve been asked about other platforms and where I might take what I’m doing but I’m super happy and haven’t enjoyed a sense of community like this since my early days of punk, graffiti, and skateboarding.”

Thanking DALEK for taking the time to talk to us, and looking forward to introducing you to another up and coming artist next week!

You can follow DALEK on Twitter and Instagram, and if you haven’t already, make sure to check him out on Hic Et Nunc.

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