Rising Stars of CryptoArt: Bitlectro Labs

Hi everyone! I’m Ello Eff, the newest addition to the NFT Plaza’s team. I’ve been tasked with an important mission; to bring you a fresh, new, upcoming NFT artist, or creative team, every week! This week I bring you another big one, as I had a chance to sit down with Keil Corcoran from the band, STRFKR, and the Bitlectro Labs team on their upcoming Dreamloops release!

Can you tell me about yourself/the creative team a bit?

Keil: I’m a musician/producer/illustrator/designer living in Los Angeles and a member of the band STRFKR. My interest in creating NFTs sprung from my love of creating things that live somewhere between tech and traditional art forms. It’s the coolest medium, in my opinion! I created the imagery and music for Dreamloops, but the project itself has really been a collaborative effort from our awesome team.

Gabe, our fearless leader of operations, is the reason Bitlectro Labs exists. He approached each of us with the idea to do something unique in the NFT space, and he keeps our organization running smoothly. Brett and Josh are our super talented devs, and they’ve created a seriously elegant smart contract and web app. Jason is in charge of marketing, and he’s been instrumental in getting people’s eyes and ears on the project.

What’s the inspiration behind Dreamloops?

Keil: I really started to obsess over more restrictive art forms like pixel art and chiptune music after feeling repeatedly overwhelmed by the unlimited creative options of modern computers. It’s weirdly freeing to use a 16-color palette or a primitive soundset like the NES’ 2A03 audio chip.

As far as the functional side, we really wanted to create an NFT model that would provide some fun for collectors while still being affordable. We needed each NFT to be 100% unique and have varying levels of scarcity. We also loved the unwrap mechanism of TopShot and wanted to bring that functionality to the Ethereum network.

Can you tell me more about the project? How does it work, and which blockchain will it be on?

Gabe: The images and music are all programmatically randomized and minted on the Ethereum blockchain. All hosting is via IPFS.

There are 10,000 unique NFTs in the collection, launching on June 13, 2021. Each Dreamloop has specific and unique visual attributes and a unique one-of-one audio track. One in five Dreamloops can be redeemed for a vinyl record or cassette tape after a staking period of six months.

Additionally, each NFT starts as a mystery in a “wrapped” state, much like a pack of cards or a gift. Only after “unwrapping” a Dreamloop will its metadata and unique attributes be revealed!

The price for each NFT will be around $60 with no bonding curve, payable only in Ethereum.

That sounds awesome! Is there anything else you guys are working on?

Gabe: Bitlectro Labs has a few things in the pipeline; specifically, we’re planning to release additional audio-visual NFTs. We’re establishing artist and musician collaborations that span different genres and visual aesthetics. Followers of the project should expect to see several additional releases before the year’s end.

If you’re interested in learning even more about Bitlectro Labs or Dreamloops, check them out on Twitter, Discord, or their official website!

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