Remember Metaverse Launching First Commemorative NFTs

The world’s first commemorative NFT project specially dedicated to loved ones that have passed away is launching early next month. Titled “Remember,” the project is dedicated to creating memories in the metaverse of those we loved, admired and respected.

Remember Metaverse

The project aims to develop a virtual world called “Remember Metaverse.” This virtual space will be dedicated to keeping memories of those who have passed before us. The world will be made up of different regions with different themes and styles, all designed and crafted by leading creative directors. The first region in the Remember Metaverse is called “Delta,” and it is an elevated archipelago above the clouds surrounded by mystical fog.

The idea of Remember Metaverse is inspired by Halliday’s Journals from Ready Player One: a space in which a person’s lifetime can be engraved into boundless reality in which technology is the only limit.

Memorial Stone NFT Collection

The first collection, dubbed “Memorial Stone NFTs” will launch on December 8 on the official website. The NFTs are on the Ethereum blockchain and buyers will be able to use them in the Remember Metaverse. There will be a total of 5,000 NFTs, and unlike real-life traditional tombstones, each one comes with its own original artwork, and is delicately crafted with quality designs, for you to tell your dear person’s story.

Memorial Stone NFTs will also give holders access to the Memorial Hall in the Remember Metaverse, where you can store the memories of your loved ones through display text, images, sound, 3D objects, and more. In honour of the Memorial Stone NFT launch, users can also mint Memorial Flower NFTs for free on the Polygon blockchain (to avoid high gas fees on Ethereum).

You can then invite friends and family to visit the Memorial Hall, where they can leave Memorial Flowers to commemorate the people residing at the Memorial Stone. These Memorial Flowers create Floats and Petals that decorate and float around the stone to represent our love and respect. Find out more about Memorial Flowers here.

Future Plans

Following the launch, the team behind the project plans to purchase virtual land in other metaverses such as The Sandbox and Decentraland, and build special Memorial Parks across these metaverses.

In a recent interview, a representative for the project stated: “This NFT project is very special to us. As the world shifts to the blockchain, we thought it would be very innovative to create a virtual graveyard for everyone to commemorate the loss of loved ones and permanently etch their memories into the blockchain. We truly believe that the Memorial Stone NFT will revolutionize the way we commemorate death in the future.”

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