Ready Player DAO Partners Up with Aavegotchi

Ready Player DAO recently announced a partnership with Pixelcraft Studios, the creators of the crypto collectible game, Aavegotchi.

Ready Player DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that is committed to harnessing and developing the collective powers of play-to-earn gaming. This is done with the underpinning aim of forming more equality between community consumers and studio developers.

With such a mission in mind, they have invested 50 ETH in acquiring Aavegotchi’s, wearables, REALMs, and a coveted partner parcel inside the Citaadel. In addition, Ready Player DAO aims to deploy a team of its scholars (from its ‘Ready Scholar School’) to immerse themselves in adventures, making frens, and harvesting the bounty of REALMS. The partnership will also create an exclusive experience on their partner parcel that will challenge players and offer them unique rewards in the form of yield bearing tokens.

The Gotchiverse is pioneering the new age of play-to-earn gaming. ChrisF, of Ready Player DAO, highlights Pixelcraft and Aavegotchi’s “strong tokenomics”, “unbelievable community” and “top notch DAO” as the motives for making the partnership happen. Ready Player DAO also report that Aavegotchi and the Gotchiverse’s incorporation of DeFi into the design world is another attractive and motivating factor for the partnership.

Ready Player DAO commits to its mission to support players and drive the next generation of gaming through an array of different initiatives. These initiatives range from the deployment of different investment strategies in gaming economies through its ‘Ready Fund’, to creating a ‘Ready Scholar School’ that currently has 2,000 active players and scholars in blockchain gaming.

As the terms of the partnership suggest, Ready Player DOA have taken a multi-faceted approach to their investment in Aavegotchi, indicating that such partnership has the full intention of reaping long-term tangible benefits to the Gotchiverse and its users.

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