Rarible Offers FREE RARI Token For Landowners and Decentraland Visitors

This Wednesday, Rarible.com will be the latest NFT marketplace to open a flashy new art gallery in Decentraland, only this one comes with an added bonus.

All landowners, and non-landowners alike, can claim some free $RARI token from the latest airdrop. Simply sign the guest book when the gallery opens tomorrow night or anytime during the following week, and you qualify!


In a statement released in the official event description….

“To celebrate the grand opening of our stunning new gallery, Rarible has reserved a $RARI airdrop to be shared amongst the Decentraland community.
All Decentraland LAND holders wallets have been whitelisted to claim a % of the airdrop equivalent to the amount of LAND held in July when we took a snapshot of the wallet addresses.
To claim your $RARI, just visit the gallery within the first week of opening!
Any unclaimed $RARI after the first week will be distributed equally amongst all users that sign the Guestbook at the launch of our awesome new gallery.”

As a result, it promises to be the most attended event in the metaverse to date, with over 270 people already registering their interest on the event calendar.

It is still unclear how much the RARI airdrop will be in terms of $USD, but either way, it is literally free money, which should help landowners and district leaders fund the progress of building on their land. At the time of writing, 1 RARI is currently worth $4.06.

On the previous airdrop a couple of months ago from Rarible, Somnium Space landowners already received  this generous bonus, however, so far there is no indication that Cryptovoxels investors will also be rewarded for holding their land NFTs.

So, whatever you are doing tomorrow, make sure you attend the official gallery opening between 9pm – 10pm UTC in Crypto Valley (Location Here).

Get there early, sign the guestbook, and enjoy the Decentraland experience!

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