Cool Qonos Frames To Display Your NFTs at Home

Since NFTs have been all the rage the past few months, it was time somebody came up with a way for collectors to show off and appreciate their pieces in real life. The startup company Qonos has created digital frames for NFT art and collectibles. The frame is compatible with iOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows. It also comes with integrated graphics processing for pixel-perfect display and fluid animations, slimline, flush mount with hidden cords, and proximity and motion sensors for energy efficient power use and automatic display activation.

The digital frame can be hung up on the wall to display your art collections, and it also comes with two stereo outputs for NFTs with music. It’s available in various sizes and is customizable for GIFs, images, video, and even full websites. 


“The difference between an art buyer and an art collector is how they display their collection. NFT art is the next evolution of human artistic endeavors. We designed Qonos to showcase an artistic revolution and we’re optimistic about the future,” said Moe Levin, founder of Qonos. 

The initial sale which was earlier this month sold out on all 2000 Qonos frames within the first 24 hours. You can now pre-order a frame for the second release. The Qonos 17.3″ Digital Canvas NFT Frame is $999 and the 24″ Digital Canvas NFT Frame is $1499. As great as they are, it would still be good to see some cheaper options available in the future to help accommodate collectors of all budgets.

Find out more about the frames and pre-order here, and follow Qonos on Instagram for the latest news. 

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