Female Activists ‘Pussyriot’ Sell First NFT for $187,000

Pussyriot, the renowned female global art-activist movement, just sold their first NFT to political activist Mondoir for $187,000 USD (100 ETH). There was quite a bidding war on Foundation for the piece, as many wanted their hands on a piece of Pussyriot’s controversial and provocative art. The first piece is part of a collection called ‘Panic Attack’ which will be released in stages. The funds raised will go towards creating more activist art and to victims of domestic violence in Russia. This is yet another prime example of how NFTs are creating new and innovative ways to help fund not-for-profit organizations and initiatives. 

Pussyriot has quite a long history, starting out in 2011 as a feminist protest punk rock and performance art group based in Moscow. Since then they’ve been featured on international news a number of times for their anti-religious and anti-government performances. 

Their first NFT collection was created by two of its members, Nadya and Masha, who served 2 years in jail for an anti-Putin performance at Moscow’s Red Square. The first NFT from the collection is called ‘TERRESTRIAL PARADISE.’

It is an audio-visual, 1 out of 1 edition artwork, depicting an innocent, happy, utopian, kawaii world, where a hu(wo)man is still in peace and harmony with the environment. The other three artworks in the collection have a darker theme depicting Judgement Day and the Apocalypse, a dystopian, nuclear winter, and a world where a hu(wo)man falls from grace. 

Follow Pussyriot on Twitter for the next drop. This collection is a true gem and a contribution to female artists’ movement in the CryptoArt scene.

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