Proof of Beauty Studio’s Upcoming ‘SAGA’ Drop

Get ready for Proof of Beauty’s (POB) latest drop this coming Monday, April 26th. POB is a creative token studio that creates unique and interesting NFT projects which are focused on the emotional, experiential, and cultural aspect of tokens. The studio already sold out on season 0 GENESIS of its first token project $HASH, which tokenizes Ethereum’s history via tokenization of transactions as generative art. 

$HASH NFTs brought a lot of attention to POB and created a lively community of people who love the art, the visual style, and history that is captured in $HASH. As the POB project continues, the $HASH token will evolve into an experience token.

The next drop, season 1, is called SAGA. SAGA is a continuation and optimization of the $HASH project and season 0 GENESIS. POB will be introducing an all-new visual artwork, a batch minting user experience, and a new ‘YOUR SAGA’ experience (think Spotify year in review, but for addresses). 

Through its unique projects, POB aims to give collectors quality art experiences, novel token mechanics, well executed project experiences, and strong memetics. We always advise anyone investing in new projects to DYOR, and you can start to read more about project HASH and POB here.

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