Prizes Galore for Axie Infinity Art & Meme Contest

$COKE fiends rejoice, Axie Infinity returns with its third art and meme competition. To celebrate the success of its $COKE token and previous successful campaigns surrounding Origin Axie #2646, aka “The Cocaine Cowboy, Axie is launching a third round of its coveted talent contest.

Artists and meme creators alike are invited to submit Axie-themed creations with the opportunity to win grand prizes.

In order to qualify, Axie have tasked aspiring creative geniuses with producing an artwork of immeasurable quality. Entries must feature an Axie Infinity asset, follow Axie Infinity minting policies and be minted on OpenSea. Additionally, description and property fields must include “Cocaine Cowboy,” “Axie Infinity Fan Art,” “” and the ID of the Axie featured in the artwork. All entries must be minted before Friday May 21, 9:30 PM CST.

The prize pool includes $COKE2500, 150 Rough Love Potions ($RLP) and 60 Axie Infinity shards. The bulk of the prizes will go to the top 3 participants, and the first 9,999 entrants will have the opportunity to claim a fraction of the “$COKE is the treasure NFT” by nuu. Any unclaimed “$COKE is the treasure” will be burned.

In 2020 Axie launched a creative campaign which involved exchanging art and memes for fragments of the now infamous NFT “The Cocaine Cowboy”. Currently trading at $8.29 per shard, however, $COKE is a long way off its all-time high of $94.36, so the time is ripe for a marketing pick-me up.

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