Prepare for Battle with Blocklords by Seascape

Have you played Blocklords yet? 

Blocklords by Seascape is the very first MMO Grand Strategy Game. You can play with your very own medieval hero and conquer enemy lands, while collecting unique items and trading them for some pretty wild profits. 

Once you’ve created a Blocklords account, a randomized hero will be created with its own name, appearance traits and a set of 5 equipped items. On the hero’s profile you’ll be able to access all the info about your heroes and deploy them on the battlefield. 

You’ll start with one hero on your journey, but there are several tactics to help you acquire and recruit more heroes to join the ranks. You can find out more here on how to acquire new heroes. 

Blocklords has a number of exciting game features to help you fight a powerful army and fight for ultimate power against other lords in the realm. The features include Battle, Forge, Trade, Ally, and Dominate. 

The Battle feature allows you to destroy your enemies using armies and strategy. The Forge Feature allows you to create unique items with gathered resources. The Trade feature allows you to profit from your time spent improving your might. The Ally feature builds powerful friendships with other players. The Dominate feature allows you to become the ultimate lord and fight your way to the crown. 

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