Pre-order NBA TopShot Base Set Pack Now

NBA TopShot pre-orders are back! This means that everyone now has a chance to get a Base Set Series 2 pack and there are no requirements for pre-ordering. The que opened on March 29 and closes on Wednesday, March 31 at 11 AM PDT, so anyone who joins the que in the 48-hour time frame is guaranteed an opportunity to place an order. 

The price per pack is $9 and only one pack per collector is allowed. NBA TopShot has also warned buyers that if anyone is caught violating these restrictions, their account/s will be prohibitively restricted or blocked from transactions altogether. The time frame for processing, minting and distributing the packs is about two weeks, however, there will be a status update released on April 7. 

The Base Set Series 2 packs come with three Moments, which consist of memorable plays from rookies and veterans throughout the 2020-21 campaign up until now. There are 169 different Moments throughout the packs, with 158 plays from different players. You can view the complete list of Moments in this pack over here.

Read more and sign up here to get your next NBA TopShot pack.

Image credit: via NBA TopShot

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