Polyient Launches New Gamified App ‘NFT Discover’

Polyient, an industry-leading investment firm behind Poylient Games, has launched a new gamified web application called ‘NFT Discover.’ The app lets users choose their favorite NFTs from hundreds of thousands of randomized pairings. 

Users choose between two new and well-known NFTs, and click on the one they would prefer to own, NFT Discover then provides the user with the relevant information on the NFT and where it can be purchased.  You can keep clicking on ‘Play Again’ to keep getting more pairings to choose from. Polyient is open to suggestions on how to make the process more fun and efficient for users, so give it a try and drop your suggestions on the Twitter thread.

The data is pulled from leading projects built on the Ethereum blockchain, including art, collectibles, gaming, trading cards and utility. Over time, the app will include projects from other network protocols such as Avalanche, Flow, Polkadot, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, and more.

Polyient’s Head of Product, Nick Casares said “With the launch of NFT Discover, we are introducing the first of many steps toward capturing subjective valuation trends across the entire NFT asset class.”

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