Polyient Games Introduces Ape Island

Polyient Games have just introduced their new series of NFT-driven mini games called Ape In. The aim of the games is to introduce crypto-centric concepts such as farming and vaulting to a broader audience while forwarding the industry’s thinking around the utility of NFTs. 

The Ape In games will all exist in the Ape Island metaverse. The main character of Ape Island is Ape, a cuddly beast that features 6 distinct parts: Head, Torso, Arm 1, Arm 2, Leg 1, Leg 2. These traits make the Apes unique and valuable as collectibles. The number of matching part combinations is what makes the overall rarity of the Ape. 

Apes also come with specific stats with scores ranging between 1-100. The categories include Attack, Defense, Speed, Intellect, Ability, and Nature. These stats will have an important role in the Ape Island Metaverse as well as in DeFi applications. 

Ape Island will also be using the concept of seasons to introduce new mini-games, in-game characters, and the expansion of the metaverse itself. Each new season will start with a series of NFTs that come with exclusive utility and benefits for players and holders throughout the season. There is also an Ape Builder for users to create and mint their first Ape Island Apes. 

Find out more about the game and Ape Builder over here.

Image credit: via Polyient Games

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