Congratulations, Your Pokemon VR Has Evolved into Revomon VR

A year ago, a game hit Sidequest that caused a significant commotion. That game was Pokemon VR, a fan-made homage to Nintendo’s favourite “Pocket Monsters.” Not wanting to face the wrath of the Nintendo legal team, they quickly pulled the game from the platform. Thankfully, this is not where the story ends.

Fast forward one year and the team are back. The game has been redesigned, repackaged and upgraded as Revomon. The result is a fully immersive RPG VR experience powered by the blockchain. Within the game, players can socialise, hunt wild Revomon, and ultimately battle for supremacy.

What’s more, players can convert in-game rewards to NFTs, which they can then trade on the Revomon marketplace. The alpha release date has yet to be confirmed, but is expected to drop sometime in the very near future.

The title will follow a DAO governance protocol, allowing owners of the native token $REVO to have their say on in-game decisions. Revomon will work on a tier system depending on how much $REVO you own, which in turn will entitle you to further Revomon perks. One of these perks is early access. ERC20 and BEP20 compatible, $REVO can be obtained via Uniswap and Pancakeswap through the Revomon website.

Future updates promise staking and farming as well as property ownership, with a goal to create not just a fully immersive VR world, but also a social media experience.

So, what are you waiting for, select your starter and get monster hunting!

Image credit: via Revomon

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