PlayDapp and Polygon Join Forces to Improve Gaming

Two major forces in the blockchain gaming world have joined forces to take the user and gaming experience to the next level. PlayDapp, a blockchain service platform, has teamed up with Polygon, the world’s number one Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) blockchain project. The partnership between the two companies aims to enhance blockchain speed, security and improve services.

Polygon is a layer 2 solution which has been integrated in many NFT projects in the last few months in order to help eliminate gas fees for users and solve the issue with Ethereum’s lack of scalability. Polygon uses side chains to provide scalability to existing platforms and optimized usability to dApps and users. To ensure asset security, the network uses the plasma framework and a decentralized network of proof-of-stake verifiers.

PlayDapp has been facing many of the same problems as other blockchain-based game content NFT marketplaces. “We have had a number of difficulties in carrying out the PlayDapp service as Ethereum fees have skyrocketed recently, and we are pleased that Polygon offers a new solution,” said Sang Chung, head of PlayDapp business. “We will take the lead in providing an upgraded PlayDapp service through close cooperation between the two companies.”

The partnership will help PlayDapp to continue delivering a smoother and more cost-effective blockchain ecosystem to users with lower fees and near-instant transactions. 

Image credit: via Polygon and PlayDapp

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