Play-to-Earn (Don’t Die to Earn) is Live on HodlGod

Epic 3D PVP battle royale slasher HodlGod has deployed its much-anticipated play-to-earn mechanics. Now, players will be able to earn NFTs while mindlessly disposing of their fellow combatants.

Following the update, NFTs and raffle tickets are randomly dropped in-game and displayed above the player’s head. Available for all to see, these items will in all likelihood attract pursuers. The name of the game is to survive. Grab the NFT and be the last player standing to keep it. Easy.

On a strict none pay-to-win basis, HodlGod promises an even playing field for matches. So, you’ll have to use your own guile and cunning to dominate within the HodlGod realm. Take a look at the play-to-earn launch trailer below.

The boffins over at HodlGod aren’t stopping there. Going forward, a new map is set for an imminent release. New immortal gear is on its way and NFTs will soon become stakeable within the HodlGod NFT-FI system.

The game itself utilizes the WAX blockchain for its user-friendly, cross-browser compatible interface. This results in a seamless experience inside and outside of the battle arena.

Is this the true play-to-earn experience we’ve all been waiting for? Equip your bow and your sword and try for yourself at

Read more about play-to-earn and future HodlGod drops here.

Image credit: via HodlGod

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