Play Gods Unchained Sealed Deck – Win Nifty Prizes

For all the Gods Unchained fans, Sealed Deck, a traditional trading card format where all participants receive the same amount of unopened packs, is making a comeback in the next few weeks. Lead game designer, Thandrie Davis, announced that Sealed Deck will first be launched on the Public Test Realm (PTR) before being available to the general Gods Unchained community. This is a great opportunity for newbies to play with a variety of cards and for experienced players to have fun with a new challenge.  

To play on the PTR, users first have to be approved. Applicants need to join the Gods Unchained community on Discord and then fill out a form on the #ptr-request-access channel. If you’re accepted, you’ll get access to the PTR updates channel where there will be regular updates about the times and dates of the tests and how many players are needed. The PTR will start with 100 players in the beginning, but more players will be added after a few weeks as Sealed Deck progressively moves over to the regular Beta realm. 

A few things to note are that you will not be allowed to own the Sealed cards after the testing is over, and you can only use one Sealed Deck for each run. However, you will get to keep all the prizes that you win, these include Core packs, Stars, and if you make an impressive amount of wins, even Legendary and Epic cards. 

For the full instructions of the PTR event, check out the latest official Gods Unchained blog post here

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