Order Your Real World Pizza Delivery in Decentraland

It’s happening! The merging of virtual reality with the physical world. And this time, the action is happening through Decentraland! Pizza lovers, get ready to eat a real pizza all while partying and ordering it in a decentralized metaverse. 

Metaverse developer, Lastraum, announced via Metazone that the first ever real food order from within Decentraland will be happening this Saturday, March 13th at 6PM PST. For now, this option will only be available to US residents. So if you’re in the US, make sure to join the event, one lucky attendee will get to be part of this historic moment for all metaverses. Take a look at somebody eagerly walking to the pizza booth location below. 

The selected person will be able to order pizza from Domino’s through their pizza shop in Decentraland. The pizza will be paid with either $ETH or $MANA. As the event description says: “This is similar to the first pizza purchased with 10,000 bitcoin 10 years ago!!” And it really is.

Hopefully, Decentraland will include more pizza locations around the world, because who doesn’t want to eat pizza anytime, anywhere.  

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