Pixelcraft Studios Add Final Astronaut to uGotchi Collection

Be ready GotchiGang, our favourite pixelated poltergeists are welcoming a new and mysterious addition to the Aavegotchi family!

The final piece of the uGotchi puzzle “Unopened Portal #2” has been added to the hugely popular Aavegotchi Aastronauts collection on Unic.ly. This uGotchi expansion coincides perfectly with the UNIC farming initiative starting today, May 18th. Subsequently, uGotchi are due a healthy slice of the UNIC farming rewards.

Prior to raising an Aavegotchi ghost baby, it requires summoning from the nether-reaches. That’s where the portals come in. Unopened Portal 2 is the third lowest token ID of Haunt 1. Pixelcraft Studios recently acquired it on the Baazaar for 60,000 $GHST and it was later bridged to Ethereum and deposited into the uGOTCHI collection.

The Unic platform enables the combining, fractionalising, and trading of NFTs. It is designed to increase their value while allowing for investments that would normally be out of reach for the casual investor. The uGotchi collection are the first Aavegotchis bridged to Ethereum, and since its inception have quadrupled in value.

As Aavegotchi grapples with fellow NFT heavyweights for the Unic liquidity top spot, the addition of Unopened Portal #2 could prove pivotal.

>> View the Aavegotchi Aastronauts Here

Image credit: via Aavegotchi

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