Pinku Gallery in Beta Launches in Somnium Space

It’s always great to see new galleries popping up in the metaverses, giving artists an opportunity to display their artworks and also giving collectors and fans a chance to enjoy the latest CryptoArt creations. 

Pinku, an NFT art collector, has opened up the Pinku Gallery in beta in Somnium to the public. But this gallery will function a little differently to the usual weekly exhibitions in art galleries. Pinku decided to do something different and not only curate the collections on show, but also have several permanent exhibitions.  

The exhibition on the first floor is focused on one of the most prominent themes in art – the human body. The exhibition is called “Body & Transformation” and explores the latest developments in digital art relating to the body, such as; what is our body, skin, face, what does a person of glass or metal look like, what is our avatar, what does he/she feel, what does he/she think, and what happens to him/her when he/she is on his/her own?

The exhibition features the artworks of some of the most talented artists in the CryptoArt scene, such as Adam Martinakis, Peter Gric, Ryan Hawthorne, Nina Hawkins, BxB.std, Silvio Vieira, Josh Separzadeh, Dara, Chissweetart, Max Twain, and Verdaccio Donatello

Follow Pinku on Twitter for the next upcoming second-floor exhibition, “Tiny Humans in Strange Places,” which will be opening up in the next few weeks. Take a walk through Pinku Gallery in Somnium here

Image credit: via Pinku

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