Pepemon Partners Up With ChainGuardians

Pepemon, a digital collectible card game, has partnered up with ChainGuardians, a platform where players can participate in free-to-play NFT Mining and in an interoperable Role-Playing Game. 

Pepemon NFTs have been integrated into the ChainGuardians mining platform, so all holders of Pepemon NFTs will be able to freely stake common, rare, epic, and legendary Pepemon cards in the ChainGuardians mining game for rewards. 

Those who claimed Christmas Pyarados for having ChainGuardians NFTs, as well as any other Pepemon NFTs owned, will also finally be able to use them. Additional Pepemon assets will be integrated further down the line. And the best part is that there are no fees or ETH gas fees! 

If you’re not familiar with Pepemon, learn more about the game here. The card game is powered by DeFi and NFTs, and brings the excitement of opening booster packs, building decks, and collecting cards. Pepemon cards can be purchased with the native $PPDEX token which can be bought or farmed over time. 

Follow ChainGuardians on Twitter for more epic partnerships with other superhero games on the blockchain. 

Image credit: via ChainGuardians

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