Paris Hilton NFT Collection on Nifty Gateway

Paris Hilton has been very active in the NFT space for a while now, often tweeting about CryptoArtists, why she loves the community, and collaborating with people like Whale Shark to learn more. Surprisingly, and contrary to popular belief, Hilton is not new to NFTs or crypto. She’s actually been investing in crypto for a long time, and already dropped her first NFT last year when nobody even knew what they were. 

Her first NFT drop in March of 2020 even won the NFT Charity Award, and now she’s back with her second drop which will be a full collection. The collection, “Planet Paris,” was created in collaboration with artist Blake Kathryn. The artworks express the beauty of female energy and empowerment, and each piece captures a personal part of Hilton’s story. The drop is happening on Nifty Gateway this Saturday, April 17th at 10:30AM PT. 

The collection consists of an artwork dedicated to Hilton’s iconic dog, Tinkerbell, an avatar sculpture of Paris herself, two pieces of what her bedroom would like if she lived in the metaverse, and what the metaverse would look like outside her window.

The prices for the artworks have not been released yet, and according to an interview with Hilton and W magazine, she doesn’t know what the prices will be for her NFTs and was not involved in that process as she is doing this to share her platform with another female artist and bring NFTs to the mainstream. 

Check out the sneak preview of her collection below, and follow Nifty Gateway for updates on the drop. 

Image credit: via Paris Hilton

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