Pak & Sotheby’s Collaboration Details Revealed

Shortly after Christie’s Beeple auction ended in March, Sotheby’s was the next leading auction house that announced they will be releasing NFTs by world-renowned, anonymous digital artist Pak. Today, Sotheby’s released the full details about the auction.

‘The Fungible Collection’ will be available as a multi-drop on Nifty Gateway from April 12th until April 14th. At the moment, the only details released are about the Open Edition. There will be three open edition time slots every day from 1:00-1:15PM ET. The price for open editions is $500 per piece, pretty affordable compared to the prices of most other legendary artists that are in the same league as Pak. 

The Fungible Collection is a creative technological experimentation, merging blockchain technology and fine digital art. Through this collection, Pak both questions and scrutinizes our understanding of value. 

“Core to the collection is the Open Editions, a set of NFTs that can be bought infinitely by collectors during the time of the sale, questioning the relationship between scarcity and value. As the collection reveals itself over the course of the sale, Pak continues to challenge the collector community with this question of value while simultaneously providing a unique journey into and through digital art.” 

Pak is at the forefront of CryptoArt, as well as the founder and lead designer of the studio Undream and creator of Archillect, an AI built to discover and share stimulating visual media. This is going to be a monumental and historical moment for both CryptoArt and the fine art world. Stay up to date with the latest details about the launch on Sotheby’s official announcement page

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