OpenSea Controversially Delists the PolygonPunks

OpenSea, the marketplace of choice for the NFT connoisseur, has made the controversial decision to de-list the PolygonPunks from their platform. As the collection bears an uncanny resemblance to the infamous CryptoPunks, it is deemed to be in breach of copyright.

Arriving in mid-July, they were Polygon’s answer to the CryptoPunks. By August 3, the PolygonPunks had sold out, and was the second most popular collection on OpenSea (by volume). Then, they were promptly and unceremoniously booted from the trading platform.

What followed, was a Twitter storm. The hashtag #FREEPOLYGONPUNKS began trending, with accusations of censorship doing the rounds. Rumour has it that Larva Labs issued a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) notice for the removal of the collection. However, none of the parties involved have confirmed or denied that this is the case. PolygonPunks have now moved operations to the NFTrade marketplace.

The PolygonPunk collection is a replica of the OG CryptoPunks project. From the order, to the attributes, and right down to the location of each pixel. However, in this decentralized landscape, the community is questioning the validity of OpenSea’s move.


PolygonPunks, are not the only CryptoPunk clones out there. Somewhere in the shadows, the SolPunks are watching what transpires with great interest.

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