OpenSea Breaks All-Time Sales Records

Many predicted that NFTs are going to be the next big thing in 2021, and it seems the NFT space has started off with a real bang so far this year. OpenSea has been breaking all-time sales records these past few days. It has also attracted even more artists since releasing its new no-gas minting feature.

On 3rd February they announced $1.9m in sales, and more than 365k unique visitors in January only. Just as everyone was getting excited and retweeting OpenSea’s latest sales record, they posted a new all-time breaking record! The new record is $5m in daily sales volume. Can we expect another new record in the next few days? 


The top NFT sales on OpenSea right now include CryptoPunks, Mirandus, Autoglyphs, Axie Infinity, and Decentraland.  Beeple and Pranksy also ranked pretty high, with 169 ETH in secondary sales for Beeple and 93 ETH in secondary sales for Pranksy’s NFTboxes. 

For NFT enthusiasts who want to be more involved, this is the perfect time to get in. OpenSea has several open job positions and many other NFT websites have opportunities for developers and community managers. Find out more here about OpenSea’s work culture, how they’ve grown, and how you can join their growing team. 

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