Oficinas TK Donates Bulk of Huge X-Copy Sale to NFT Artists

This week, prominent visual artist and collector, Oficinas TK, made a gesture of generosity that will change the lives of CryptoArtists. In the true spirit of NFTs and community, he sold one of his highly-prized and most-coveted assets, and will use the funds generated to empower other artists.

His treasured X-COPY original, “Bad Flavour,”  was purchased by collector TheArchitech for 515 ETH. The bulk of the proceeds will be distributed to artists he has taken under his wing. This new allocation of funds will allow the artists to create with an added edge of financial freedom.

Oficinas TK is the founder and core instigator of metaverse-based art curation project, the Thoreau Centre for the Blockchain Arts (TCBA). An institution dedicated to the promotion and showcasing of emerging artistic talents. The main base of operations for TCBA resides in CryptoVoxels.

I had to sacrifice one piece that would generate a meaningful amount of eth to distribute between the artists…”, “…but many of the artists I chose for the collection are ‘underdogs’ and the general audience is yet to recognize their greatness,” stated TK in correspondence with NFT Plazas.

Demonstrating the pinnacle of good manners, TK contacted X-COPY for approval of the sale and shared his plan for the money, earning himself the mantle of the nicest human on the blockchain.

To end with the mantra of TK himself: “We can all do better.”

Check out the TCBA parcels in CryptoVoxels >> Parcel 855 and Parcel 967

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