Visit Nugget’s News Headquarters in Decentraland

Nugget’s News, one of the top crypto YouTube channels delivering the latest coverage of developments in cryptocurrency and other financial matters, now has its own headquarters in Decentraland. Polygonal Mind, a leading creative development studio for Metaverses and NFTs, created the stunning headquarters for Nugget’s News. 

Many companies are choosing to create social places in the Metaverses where people can gather to engage with them and exchange ideas with others. For the Nugget’s News headquarters, Polygonal Mind designed a space where people can learn about crypto, the company, connect in different ways, and attend events hosted in the building.

The building consists of three floors and is built on a 2×2 LAND estate at Decentraland. Its style is inspired by Modernist architecture with a mix of colours which match the Nugget’s News website. 

Inside the building, there are many exciting interactive features and spacious rooms. The reception and welcome area has links that take users to other places related to the company such as Twitter or their own website. The conference area is large enough to hold big meetings, gatherings, and TED talks, and there are multiple panels that can be used as a calendar of events, a motif of the company or just general info about its activity.

For those who are interested in how to go about building something like this in Decentraland, Polygonal Mind has released a very detailed report. The report discusses what must be taken into consideration when building company headquarters in Decentraland, and what they did to build the headquarters for Nugget’s News. Read the details here

Image credit: via Polygonal Mind

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