Not Too Late To Zed

After watching the Zed horses flying off the shelves over recent weeks, many are left wondering if they are too late to join the Zed party? I’m here to say, no need to worry, because Zed Run is still clinging to beta and has many more surprises to come.

What is Zed?

Zed Run is a horse breeding game, and there is no more important breed of horse than Genesis.  Genesis horses are available at announced drops and original to the games code. They hold the genetics needed to breed the future’s Triple Crown Champions.  Opening the doors to the breeding barn is one of the Zed team’s highest priorities. Once completed, the upgrade to gasless breeding will set off the biggest baby boom since ’46.


Recently, the largest, and greatest change to Zed Run is the growth of the community.  What was once a dive bar floating around 300 members, is now a bustling sports bar with nearly 1,500 and growing.  Even with still such a small community compared to the behemoths like NBA TopShot, you can see the budding superstar stables of horseracing eSports future.  Zed Run offers their community members an opportunity to own a piece of the game, create a brand, and be the first AR Kentucky Derby winner.


Many new stables do not know Zed Run’s future is more than only NFT racehorses.  NFT skins, bridles, and additional accessories will soon be available to personalize your stable’s appearance from the Zed marketplace.  NFT racetracks that allow for owners to raise prize pools, promote sponsored events, and even advertise with billboards within the track are on the horizon.  The Zed marketplace blowouts are only beginning.

Zed Run offers their users multiple avenues to join the future of eSports.  The community is growing and evolving to meet needs in branding, streaming, and data analytics.  The next drop announcement is on the way and waiting any longer will only make you that much further behind.

This was a guest post by k-sir, an NFT project expert and owner of If you want to stay up to date and learn more about Zed, this website is a must have for your bookmark list.

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