Node Runners Release New $DROP Utility Token

Node Runners are releasing a new $DROP utility token which will be used to power the Drops NFT ecosystem. For those holding $NDR tokens, the $NDR token will still act as a governance token for the Drops platform. It will also become equipped with a few new benefits and better functionality. 

Some of the new benefits for $NDR include being accepted as a form of payment on the Drops platform, receiving a share of Drops platform fees, the chance to earn $DROP tokens by staking NDR-ETH, $NDR, and being able to farm exclusive artworks from Drops. 

The $DROP token on the other hand will be the official utility token of the platform and also the primary method of payment for NFT transactions on the Drops ecosystem. The token will be used for payment of liquidity mining rewards and cashback rewards on Drops purchases. Users can also stake the $DROP tokens to earn dPoints. dPoints are non-transferrable coupons and can be redeemed for the purchase of NFTs within the platform. 

For those who aren’t familiar with Drops, it is a platform aimed at connecting digital collectors with creators, while adding more utility to the NFTs themselves. Users can earn yield on their NFT assets by staking them for dPoints rewards. 

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