Nine Chronicles’ First Arena Season is Here with Exclusive NFTs

Decentralized RPG, Nine Chronicles, has announced its first-ever Arena Season 0 which will include a 896K $NCG Pool (over $2 million) and the chance to stake $NCG or compete in the arena to earn 240 Season 0 exclusive NFTs, including 6 mythical-grade costume Ruci and 34 legendary-grade costume Rui for top arena and NCG stakers.

The $NCG prize pool will be split into two categories; one monthly arena reward for all participants with a total of 448,000 $NCG, and four weekly arena rewards for top 500 players with a total of $448,000 NCG. Ruci and Rui are two new NFT costumes which will be introduced, and are exclusive to this season only and the only chance to claim them.

Season 0 will be named after the very first world of Nine Chronicles, Yggdrasil, and there will be a number of unique and engaging challenges. To participate, players must get to level 17 to unlock the arena mode, compete in the arena to get a higher rating, and use the NC portal to check the full standings and redeem the prizes. As always, players will have to use arena tickets, there will be 5 tickets every 6 hours (every 2000 blocks).

The season will start from September 8 and end on October 6. The game will also feature a new arena reward – an exclusive medal. Each battle will have a 30% chance of giving the player a Season 0 exclusive medal. At the end of the season, 448,000 $NCG will be divided by the number of total medals earned by all the arena participants.

The team will be adding more fun play-to-earn mechanisms in future seasons, and have hinted that there may also be opportunities further down the line to swap season exclusive medals for a prize.

Read the full announcement here.

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