Shatners Back! New Partnership with Mattereum

Something that many creators and collectors have been asking for a long time is – how can we bridge the gap between virtual items and physical items? Up until now, there wasn’t really any set answer, other than scanning the original item or taking a photo and tokenizing the digital version.

However, in a brand new press release by Mattereum, it was announced that they have partnered up with Blockchain authentication platform Third Millennia, to bring forth a new initiative to document the authenticity of collectibles on the blockchain. 

Mattereum is an expert in designing systems for digitally representing and trading valuable real world assets including fine art, gold, and real estate. Third Millenia is founded by sci-fi legend William Shatner and collectibles expert Paul Camuso. For the launch of the initiative, a series of Real World Asset Non-Fungible Tokens (rwaNFTs) to tokenize prized memorabilia and props chronicling two of Mr. Shatner’s historic roles from his iconic career will be released. These are Captain Kirk of Star Trek and Denny Crane from Boston Legal. Other historic props from the Star Trek franchise, Titanic and Logan’s Run are also included.

The items will be available later this week on auction at To sign up and find out more information about the launch and the initiative, click here

William Shatner said: “I am thrilled that the first authenticated products from my new company, Third Millennia, are coming to auction. These figures, pieces and props represent a bold step into the future of consumer products where, using crypto technology, consumers can be assured of what they purchased. This is the future everybody.”

Its starting to look like the NFT community may have found a new, rather unlikely ambassador in Señor Shatner. Be sure to follow his progress.

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