Worldwide Media Coverage For NFTs From Around The World – May 2021

Welcome to the bi-weekly roundup of worldwide media coverage of NFTs by major news channels. Some channels have become regulars in reporting on NFT news, especially CNBC and Reuters. These two media sources have recently started releasing NFT news every week at least twice a week.

In the past two weeks another well-known member of the NFT community was interviewed by a popular media channel again. We love seeing the NFT community being featured around the world and spreading the gospel of NFTs. So, let’s get into it and see what leading news sources have been saying about our ever-growing community in the last two weeks. 

DCL Blogger Featured on 60 Min Australia

The popular NFT advocate Matty aka DCL Blogger was featured on the investigative and documentary channel 60 Minutes Australia. He speaks about what makes NFTs special, why collectors find them appealing, how much money he has made from some of his investments, and much more. Matty has already been featured on other major news channels such as Reuters and CBC Radio, and he even had a catch up with Gary V. 

Wall Street Journal Article on Ethereum and NFTs

Wall Street Journal released two articles on NFTs. The first article does a pretty good job of highlighting something that has been very relevant for the NFT space and that many are hoping will soon be solved – no need to mention what it is, but just in case, gas fees. It discusses how the explosion of NFTs has contributed to Ethereum’s booming success, but also to its congested network. 

The second article covers the story of celebrity dermatologist Dr. Khadavi’s megamansion in Bel Air. The mansion has its own multisensory NFT gallery along with a projector for a digital art show over the pool. His collection is valued at $7 million and includes the works by prominent artists such as Ghost Girl, a 3-D artist who offers visual experiences for “VJing,” and Bighead, a record producer and DJ who worked on the production of the 2017 hit “Gucci Gang” by hip-hop artist Lil Pump.

The Economic Times Reports on eBay NFTs

The ‘Economic Times’ section of India Times, one of India’s top news sources, released an article about eBay and their move towards accepting cryptocurrencies and NFTs on the platform. The article also briefly covers what NFTs are and how they have exploded in popularity this year.

New York Times Article Discusses NFTs

Dr. Barabasi, a professor of network science at Northeastern University and at Central European University, as well as an art collector, wrote an extremely insightful and interesting article on the NFT art market. He “mapped” the patterns of ownership transactions and says that the market for NFT-based art is extremely insular and tightly connected, which also explains the enormous spikes in sales prices for CryptoArt. 

The article shows how he did the “mapping” and takes an in-depth look at SuperRare collectors. It also briefly mentions the famous ‘Artnome,’ who is well-known for art analytics and was also apparently the first collector on SuperRare. 

ESPN Features Hockey Hall of Famer Bryan Trottier and His NFT Release

The popular sports news website ESPN featured a video and an article about Bryan Trottier’s latest NFT collection. The article talks about what NFTs Trottier is selling, how he found out about NFTs, and other major athletes who have joined the NFT wave this year. 

The Washington Post Talks About the CryptoArt Scene

Another very interesting article on the CryptoArt scene. Kelsey Ables wrote a very well researched piece for The Washington Post, which explores how the CryptoArt Scene is helping many artists to make a decent living, what the relationship is between the traditional art world and CryptoArt, and the history of blockchain and the first NFT (and no, it’s not CryptoPunks or MoonCats or Etheria!). 

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