The New NFT Plazas Weekly Collectable Digizine NFTs – Start Collecting Today!

Here at NFT Plazas, we’ve been wanting to create something special for our loyal readers and collectors for some time. In fact, we haven’t created any CryptoArt for over 1 year, and even then we limited it to only 9 pieces.

Since then, we’ve been wanting to create something with meaning. Something that comes with perks for our collectors. Something that owners can enjoy time and time again, helping you relive the memories of these special times in the NFT industry we are all living in right now.

Introducing the NEW weekly NFT Plazas Digizine NFTs…


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What is a Digizine NFT?

A weekly piece of collectable CryptoArt which displays all the main NFT headlines of the week in the style of a snazzy magazine cover.

We are already documenting the history of NFTs as it unfolds more than any other publisher here at, so why not release a unique NFT to compliment it?

The QR code in the bottom left will direct you to the month in history when these articles were covered at, this way you can go back enjoy the articles time and time again as well as reminisce in just how far NFTs have progressed as an industry, and community, as time goes on.

BONUS: Better still, each NFT comes with a full size downloadable version to print and hang on your wall!


Each week a new edition will drop every Tuesday for at least the next 52 weeks, and we’re starting off with a bang by releasing the first 4 editions from March 2021 for sale right now! Get Yours Here!
As new Editions get released, the ask price will fall, and supply will increase to a max of 100 mints per copy for later editions.

Edition #1 – The week the Aavegotchi launch sold out in 60 seconds + more headlines….
Total Minted: 25


Edition #2 – The week Beeple sold his 1/1 NFT at Christies for $69m + more headlines….
Total Minted: 35


Edition #3 – The week Blankos released the amazing Founder of Lost Souls design + more headlines….
Total Minted: 45


Edition #4 – The week Saturday Night Live TV show taught tens of millions of Americans about NFTs + more headlines….
Total Minted: 55


Get your copy now!

>> Visit our Rarible Store
>> Listings coming soon on our Opensea Store

TIP: Our future weekly release time will always be announced in the NFT Plazas Discord prior to going out on socials, so we recommend you join our community here for first opportunity to grab the latest editions.

Support NFT News

All funds raised will be re-invested directly back into NFT Plazas, helping us produce even more NFT related content and help us keep YOU more informed, more often. Increased coverage will also help us raise awareness beyond existing NFT communities.

By collecting these NFTs, you are directly helping grow the NFT ecosystem and spread the word about NFTs! In exchange for your support, these NFTs will also come with….

…Added Benefits

There will be perks for our most dedicated collectors. These will be benefits such as first invites to exclusive events, queue jump to join in our limited availability community projects (one launching real soon!), special priority advertising + much more!

Start collecting these little slices of history in NFT format today, and thank you for all your support.

>> Visit our Rarible Store
>> Listings coming soon on our Opensea Store


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