Photographers Launch of NFT Photos on TerraVirtua is a Sell Out

TerraVirtua had a massively successful launch of photographer Anil Demir. There’s been a lot of discussion around photography and NFTs, and Anil Demir sold out all of his first mints on TerraVirtua yesterday. 

Anil Demir is a conceptual art photographer from Turkey. He’s been involved in the photography scene for the past ten years and studied Visual Communication at Beykent University, and Photography and Camera Operation at Anadolu University. His photos show his incredible skill and talent in using his camera and the power of light to capture intense emotions. 

For his first collection on TerraVirtua he released three different photographs called “Red is the New Black” II, “Sacrification,” and “Slave.” The collection celebrates the power of women in ancient times and their role as a queen, goddess, hatun, mother or sister. The photos portray women in the new era and express the suppression of this inherent power due to religion, traditions, and old habits. 

Each photograph is a limited edition with only two minted pieces available. All of them sold out for between $300 to $400. Really looking forward to seeing more photographers as well as musicians making waves in the NFT space! Congratulations to everybody involved.

Image credit: Anil Demir Photography via TerraVirtua

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