Mainstream Media Coverage For NFTs From Around The World – April 2021

Two weeks ago we posted our first article on worldwide media coverage of NFTs, and now we’re back with another round of the most recent news reports on NFTs by major media outlets around the world. Even though we have seen a bit of a dip in NFT sales in April in comparison to February and March, mainstream media sources have been having fun covering the NFT craze, and there’s been a steady increase of NFT news around the world.

So let’s take a look at the top five picks from the past two weeks…. 

Serena Tabacchi of MoCDA on CNBC Italy

Serena Tabacchi, a leading figure in the CryptoArt scene, was featured on CNBC Italy. If you understand Italian, check out the 13-minute long interview where she talks about NFTs, art and the metaverses. Tabacchi is co-founder of Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCDA), member of BGameAlliance, and a game builder in The Sandbox. MoCDA provides digital art education and technology to artists, collectors, institutions and art lovers.

Saturday Night Live and Tom Brady Featured on CNN 

One of the most popular American entertainment shows, Saturday Night Live, made an Eminem parody video explaining what NFTs are. SNL has over 10 million viewers, so it’s safe to say that NFTs made into mainstream entertainment. The SNL skit (which was released as an NFT a few days later) was featured on CNN in an article which explains what the skit is about and why it was created. CNN also made a video covering some of the latest NFT sales and why NFTs are taking the world by storm.  


Tom Brady, seven-time Super Bowl champion, was also featured on CNN. CNN reported on Brady’s new NFT platform ‘Autograph,’ which will be launching later this year. The platform will bring together some of the world’s most popular names and brands in sports, entertainment, fashion, and pop culture. 


Vogue Magazine Features A Number of CryptoArtists

One of the most established and high-end fashion magazines, Vogue, had not one, but two lengthy articles on NFT artists!

The first article explores how women are finding their space in the CryptoArt scene, and the magazine interviewed the graphic designer and digital artist Alycia Rainaud, who goes by Maalavidaa. The article also covers some of the major CryptoArt sales in the past few months and briefly explains what NFTs are. 


The second article that Vogue released was an in-depth look at the blooming NFT communities and their role in revolutionizing the art world. The article features a number of CryptoArtists who explain that they could not have evolved to where they are now without the supportive NFT communities around them. The article was released in both English and Italian. 


The Straits Times Features Fashion Photographer’s NFTs

The Straits Times, one of the most popular and oldest newspapers based in Singapore, featured the works and story of Shavonne Wong. Wong is a fashion photographer who started dabbling in digital art once the pandemic hit, and soon after began selling NFT artworks of virtual female models. Read the online article here. 


Russia Today Features NFT Jeweler

One of the most-watched media outlets, RT, reported on the release of a necklace that displays NFTs. The article talks about the Ethereum blockchain, NFTs, and some of the most expensive NFTs recently sold. The article also covers the details of the necklace, how the Los Angeles-based jeweller created it, and the responses on Twitter about the necklace. 



NFTs are certainly providing entertaining news for traditional media outlets to report on. It could possibly become the norm to see NFT news regularly featured on popular media channels across the world. As mentioned in a previous article, celebrities joining the craze has played a massive role in the rising popularity of NFTs. We’ve also seen an influx of sports legends releasing their own NFTs, such as Mahomes, Dame, Khabib, and Brady among many others. This has caught the attention of people who otherwise would never have dabbled into the world of digital collectibles, blockchain and crypto. 

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