An Inside Tour of the NFT House that Sold for More Than $500,000

Mars House, an NFT house, was purchased on SuperRare for 288.0 ETH ($515,459.52). The buyer goes by the name of Art On Internet, and the designer of the house is Toronto-based artist Krista Kim. The NFT community was a bit outraged by media outlets wrongly reporting that this is the first-ever NFT house to be sold (Dutchtide has been making them and selling them for a while now), and the buyer outbidding himself also raised suspicions amongst NFT fans. 

This is however, the most expensive digital house sold at the moment, and below is a tour of the sleek, futuristic design. The house features floor-to-ceiling windows, chic glass furniture, amazing mountain views, and large indoor and outdoor entertainment areas. 

Mars House (2020) from Krista Kim on Vimeo.

Krista Kim worked with Jeff Schroeder of the The Smashing Pumpkins to create music that suits the ambiance of the house. According to her: “Conceptually, MARS HOUSE is NFT 2.0 for our future AR and Metaverse lifestyle. This is where we are headed, curating our AR environments with digital 3D NFTs that we love.” 

Kim also stated that the majority of proceeds will go to Continuum Foundation, which will support a world tour of healing sound and light installations for mental health and healing.  

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