Taking a Look at the Latest NFT Craze: CryptoTrunks

The latest project to make an impression on the NFT community launched this past weekend – CryptoTrunks. CryptoTrunks are generative NFTs that use oracles to create a specialized NFT Trunk for each buyer, and users can mint an NFT tree that shows their crypto wallet’s environmental impact. Since the launch of the project this past Friday, March 21st, users have claimed 8,693 Trunks from a total of 19,500. So why have people been lured into claiming a Trunk?

The project is intended to be an “eco” project of sorts, where the size of your personal Trunk is representative of how much damage you’ve done, “so you can display to future generations how badly you’ve screwed them over.” The larger the tree, the more you have messed up the environment (damage is calculated according  to your transaction history).

At the moment, anyone can claim a free Trunk (except for gas fees), however, there is also a limited edition Genesis series of Trunks, which have a fixed cost of 0.5 ETH each. So far, 721 out of 1500 Genesis Trunks have been claimed. The Genesis series use exclusive assets and cannot be generated.

The project had to temporarily be put on pause for a few hours yesterday as Ethereum’s astronomical gas fees hit hundreds of dollars in an ironic turnaround against CryptoTrunks’ environmental awareness message.

What does the future have in store for CryptoTrunks? Nobody knows, but why not claim a free Trunk here!

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Image credit: via CryptoTrunks

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