Mainstream Media Coverage For NFTs From Around The World – June 2021

We’re back with the bi-weekly roundup of NFT news from around the world. There have been many new developments, partnerships, and launches in the past two weeks, and popular news media outlets have reported on a variety of NFT topics.

There was one news article in particular which circulated around the NFT community for at least a week, and caused quite a storm of emotions for the NFT experts on CryptoTwitter. NFT sales have also significantly plummeted, generating a lot of talk amongst media outlets about “the death of NFTs.” Judging by the growing number of NFT news reports, it doesn’t seem like NFTs are dead just yet. Read the full list of NFT highlights from the past two weeks on mainstream media channels below.

BBC Technology Reporter Writes About her NFT Experience

BBC Technology News reporter, Cristina Criddle, wrote a very controversial article about her experience with purchasing an NFT. The article sparked so much contention and outrage from the NFT community that there were countless threads about it, with everyone claiming that she had not done her research properly and that buying an NFT is not the negative experience that Criddle portrayed it to be.

We suggest you read it for yourself, and decide whether or not you agree that buying an NFT is a “crypto nightmare.” The title itself is very well chosen and perfectly sensational: “Buying a pink NFT cat was a crypto nightmare.”

CR Fashion Book Features Valentino NFT Art Show

CR Fashion Book, one of the top online magazines for fashion and beauty news, featured Valentino’s latest endeavor into the world of NFTs. The fashion house joined forces with artist Matthew Stone to create an exclusive exhibition at Valentino Episode SoHo in New York. The show displayed Stone’s four NFT works – “Soothe,” “Effervescence,” “Kinship” and “Warmth.”

Miami New Times Features ZED Run

The digital horseracing NFT game, ZED Run, was featured on Miami New Times. The in-depth article covers how the game works along with short interview excerpts from co-founder Geoff Wellman and a video on how to get started with the game.

Economy Watch Features Vulcan Forged

Vulcan Forged recently made headlines on Economy Watch with the launch of their latest NFT collection designed by Frank Frazetta. Frazetta is widely known as “The Godfather of Fantasy Art” and is a world-renowned fantasy and science fiction artist. Amongst the famous artworks, Frazetta’s “Egyptian Queen” – a painting that sold for $5.4 million – is part of the tokenized NFT-themed ‘Vulcanite’ collection.

CNN Interviews NFT Artist Amrita Sethi

Kim Kelaita, host of CNN’s think BIG! series, interviewed digital and NFT artist Amrita Sethi about her unique voice note artwork which sold on Terra Virtua for $102k. Sethi, a Dubai-based artist, left her job in finance a few years ago pursue a career in art. She has now mastered drawing the lines of the sound waves of words, creating eccentric artworks by mixing technology with traditional artistic mediums.

The National News Features Kevin McCoy’s NFT on Sotheby’s Auction

One of the earliest NFT artworks to be recorded on the blockchain by artist Kevin McCoy was featured in an article on The National News. The article reports on Sotheby’s “Natively Digital” NFT auction and the history of McCoy’s artworks and why his piece Quantum is possibly the first NFT artwork ever.

The FinTech Times Reports on RoboAds’ Mobile Robot for NFTs and Crypto Pricing

The FinTech Times, the world’s leading online newspaper dedicated to fintech news, reported on the launch of RoboAds’ new generation of advertising robots which combines digital signage, robotics and AI under one platform. The technology gives customers the opportunity to inform themselves or invest in NFT art by presenting them with what’s available on the market and its current price. The cutting-edge tech gives the latest updates and price changes as soon as they happen along with real-time video analytics.

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