FAO Land Tycoons: New Somnium Space Assets Browser

Life is getting easier in the metaverses with all the new innovations we are seeing. The latest Somnium Space creation is sure to make every user’s experience much more enjoyable.

Somnium Times has just launched a new website called Somnium Assets. The website serves as an NFT marketplace browser where users can check all the NFTs which are registered and sold under Somnium’s contracts. Of course, you can see this on their OpenSea marketplace as well, but Somnium Assets has taken it a step further and integrated a Somnium Space map

The browser allows users to easily locate parcels on the map and get an overview of what assets are on sale. From there, you can click and connect to OpenSea to make purchases. In addition to that, the map can also connect to MetaMask wallets, which means you can quickly see a list of the Somnium Space assets you own. There is also a link on every parcel that connects it to the parcel on Somnium WEB. 

The very top part of the website can be used for promoting your gallery, latest build, artwork, and anything else that is related to Somnium Space (you can even promote your own website!).

This is a very well thought out project by the news team over at Somnium Times. who do a fabulous job reporting on what’s going on in Somnium Space. For full details and sending inquiries, click here.

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