Fill Her Up! Gas Station Sighting Sparks Rumours of NFT Cars Soon in Somnium Space.

Somnium Space has really started to gain some forward momentum when it comes to building out its futuristic VR city. There seems to have been a spurt of highly detailed new builds popping up each day with the most recent release being a short trailer showing a car cruising around Somnium and stopping to fill up on gas!

The excitement for in-world vehicles has just stepped up a notch. Hoverboards, roller-skates and spaceships are some of the other modes of transport we hope to see in the coming months.

The more ingenious ways to travel about virtual worlds the better. Lets face it, walking from A to B gets boring pretty quickly, so it is encouraging to see that moves to build more exciting ways to travel around virtual blockchain worlds is progressing. Somnium Space already announced that implementation of their teleportation hubs is imminent, Decentraland already has a Virtual Transit System and in Cryptovoxels you can use NFT Plazas’ very own Vortex teleport station to travel more freely to and from different locations.

Check out the preview below of someone driving their car into the neon-lit gas station. 

The question is, when will we be seeing new NFT vehicles in Somnium? Apparently, they are in the works. Last year, CryptoMotors also teamed up with Somnium and launched an exclusive auction of five CryptoMotors Abyssus Special Edition, so we’re looking forward to seeing what’s next from this hot collaboration.

In the meanwhile, if you can’t wait for NFT cars to be released in Somnium, then you scratch that itch by picking up a CryptoMotors car in this weeks sale. They look epic!

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