New Record Breaking Sales on NiftyGateway by Two Major Artists

A quick review of two major artists and their breaking sales records on Nifty Gateway this week (so far) – Trevor Jones and Beeple. 

Trevor Jones had a really impressive drop which featured a  7 minute open edition art piece, fourteen 1/1 artworks spanning the last ten years of his art career, plus an auction for one his 2020 palettes. His ‘Bitcoin Angel’ open edition piece broke all Nifty Gateway open edition records. Jones sold 4,157 minted editions for $3.2 million (congrats to those who got one!). 

Beeple’s digital ‘Crossroads’ artwork smashed all NFT records. It sold on the secondary market for $6,600,000. For some good comedy, check out the piece and read the description. We love Beeple’s sense of humour! Nifty Gateway reported that the sale is 100% legitimate and it was brokered through Nifty Gateway’s art buying services. The buyer, however, said they prefer to stay anonymous. 

Let’s not forget that there is Christie’s auction coming up, what do you think the sales record will be? We want to hear your guess, so give us your vote on the NFT Plazas poll over here with what you think the record will be. 

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