New Milestones for WAX with Latest Hot Wheels Drop & Major Partnerships

Always ready to go the extra mile, WAX announced last month that it is partnering with global toy manufacturer, Mattel, to do drops involving Hot Wheels NFT Garage. The duo recently launched the first collection, which sold out in a mere 38 minutes with 17,010 packs selling out in a flash.

The NFTs are the newest way to take home valuable and rare digital artwork from Hot Wheels, while also offering fans the chance to own limited-edition real-life diecast vehicles when they collect selected NFTs. The Hot Wheels NFTs started at the affordable price of $15 and more than 67,000 consumers waited in queue for a chance to get them.

Andrew Chan, Head of Digital Gaming at Mattel, said about the collection: “Collectors will have a chance to obtain exclusive physical diecast vehicles, and importantly, the NFTs will be minted on the sustainable WAX blockchain. The Hot Wheels design team chose 40 new designs for fans to continue to build their collections of Hot Wheels digital NFT artwork and physical diecast vehicles!

Back in April, this popular collectible NFT marketplace pulled off the first big win with Funko announcing it would do a drop in June. Called ‘Digital Pop!’ these collectibles were offered in packs beginning at just $9.99 – part of the fun was the opportunity to also collect a free, limited-edition physical Digital Pop! in real life.

Funko rolled out the evergreen Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-themed NFTs featuring famous characters including Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael, Leonardo and Shredder. However, it didn’t stop there with Funko producing another round of Digital Pop! NFTs, this time with legendary UK heavy metal band, Iron Maiden, using their icon character ‘Eddie’ who has appeared on all the band’s albums and artwork.

It seems more like an inside fan jobbie than a natural extension of Funko toys – but then again recent research into NFT sales by companies such as Piplsay show purchasers are in an older demographic than might be expected – with more millennial buyers than the younger Generation Z.

In October, another major player in the entertainment industry, Hasbro, joined WAX when it announced it was planning a limited collection using characters from the Power Rangers franchise. It was notable in that the NFTs were also available from the Hasbro Pulse commercial ecommerce site.

The Power Rangers series, which first aired in the 1990s, but quickly climbed to iconic status, readily suit NFT collectability especially as it combined the NFT drop with an exclusive opportunity to redeem a $199 physical collector’s toy.

WAX continues to take big steps forward with top-notch partnerships, that are sure to secure the platform’s position as the leading go-to marketplace for renowned collectibles.

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